Artist Statement:

Since childhood, every moment of my life has been filled with two inseparable things: Reading and Writing. Whether a moment of tranquility and solitude or overwhelming joy and happiness, in every instant of my life's monotony, reading or listening to a poem became a necessity to me even when I wasn't consciously seeking the words.
At times, when I am not looking for a phrase or text to write, I simply follow my instincts and construct a word or picture that is free of any constraints. I tear down the usual arbitrary morphology of the words in absolute autonomy, and at times, these spontaneous scribblings which are full of melancholy and feelings give birth to new shapes of letters which reveal colors from behind the light.
So, rather than looking for a scripture to read, come see the forms that emerged from the moment that there was and went by, as well as the sentiments that followed. Perhaps you'd see grief, love, a song, a dance, or a flight.
Colors, in my opinion, are the most exquisite way of expressing anything from life to a fantasy, and everything in between. Colors on my canvases appear differently based on your viewpoint and glance, just like the beauty of life which is depending on your own perspective and experiences.